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by Haru on Feb 01, 2014 at 08:56 PM
It would be an amazing day around the sunburning-skin-heat dessert that would iEverlasting around 2 hours if its wasnt for an AoE_Maniac that was spining on the dessert. To be Honest i never thought it would happen during Haru (Winter) While i was singing my Hetukiri's songs looking to Seraluna, My hometown's Moon, But why start from the end if we can go for the beggining?

It was a sunny Haru day on 02.01.2014 when i intented to take my kid -xLupa-, my cat -kiskakk- and my turle _XiaoWuGui_ to a CIRCUMCISER. I went to the bakery and asked 6 breads to bakercleric, but she said she just had 3 because a d_u_s_t_y has taken em away like paper, and so i asked: Do you have YummyNGummy candies?, she quickly replied: NO!?, this is a bakery Can't you see?!; and then she released a lethal chaos_cobra on me attempting to kill the miserable guy named Haru (Me). My luck was that a mysterious SilentHuman with his GeneralPower intercepted bakercleric and set the place in HugaFlame setting the baker into a never ending SilversDream-I am not the kind that likes to show off, but i am sure i have better dreams such as GoldsDream.

Thinking i was safe on the way home i suffered a heavy hit by a pokeball throw by Celis_Br Attempting to catch her Hatachu; in reaction to that i yelled at her so she called uppon the Loshmur King Loshon and the Red Wing Lered to shatter the remaining HeartPurity of my day. I Had no choice but to react so i took my BladeOfFoxy and my CritsNDagger and got as soon as possible into a HiddenNSight strategically so i could call upon my friend HOKAGAE that slayed them and called them Nahedb (Nabhead).

Hours later heading to the toy store to buy xLupas an iTeddyBea i was surprised once again by a gang of Seras composed by: Seraluna, \_Serafina_/, Seraelia and SeraphEmily, who were SinthoX, the clericsin master, disciples. My first reaction was summoning my Aeons, however i called upon a strange unknown aeon called xoxNisjexox which randomly teleported me to unknown places around the globe and left me alone at the dessert where i met the ZodiacQueen that doomed me by the fate of multiple AoE_Maniac, where our story was introduced. The solution was simple all i had to do was escaping into a RIFTT some meters behind me. And that was the whole truth