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star / Mar 19, 2014
Hi guys. First off, it's great to be back. I was really happy to see old and new faces (except Sera's JK I love her too).

I noticed how the media section with all our guild images was nearly full, so I've taken the liberty of deleting a few. I've moved deleted images to a site archive (link below). Basically, as we upload more content, I will be moving older stuff to the archive to make more room. You can still see all the old stuff, it's really nostalgic!


Let me know if the link doesn't work. Happy Edolasing!
Sera / Jan 04, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Happy New year and what a great time to kick off the new year than with a fashion contest. For those of you who are new the rules are simple:
1. Be an Edolas member.
2. Take an in-game picture with the best winter themed outfit (or background) you can find and submit it here on the page.

Even if you don't have fashion you can still enter. Just be creative. The use of photo editing software is okay as long as it is still an in-game screenshot.

The participants will be voted by our very own members. The number of participants will determine if a poll would be necessary to crown the Edolas Winter King and Queen.

Also, other prizes include 5 million coin for the two lucky winners.

To take an in-game picture of your character, you can either press Print Screen on your keyboard or press F9 and position how you want your screen shot to be. Afterwards, upload your picture to the Winter Fashion '14 album or use this Link

Haru / Jan 02, 2014
At this saturday (January 4th) at 3pm server time (15:00) we will be holding an officer meeting, make sure you are available to come and tell me why cant you just in case u cannot.

Update 01.05.2014

*Topic Discussed: Events u can wait in The period Jan-Feb which are:

*Winter Fashion Event (Check rules and apply at this Link

*Race Event (Upcoming)

*Hide and Seek Event (Levels Hard and Easy) (Upcoming)
Haru / Oct 15, 2013
Saturday I will do a hide and seek event which will give my smart friends lots of prizes.

The rules are simple: don't ask me things during the event, don't as my location, donĀ“t add me as a friend or sent private box messages, if 6 minutes pass and no one finds me the competition round will be opened to the world chat

Prizes: One person can win only once and can choose between: 300 mirages, 60 Basic Badges and a g16 mold weapon ( that means a craft service for free, not including eoo and fee), 3 FC Exp rooms, Or TT mats u are in need that is worth up to 3m.

I am looking foward to all of you to come

star / Feb 10, 2013
Attention Edolasonions! I was looking at a post and saw this great pwi meme. For those of you who don't know what a meme is, it's basically a highly circulated internet thing.

Here's an example of what I mean xD

Go find your own PWI pictures. is a great place to start off.

Create something similar to that and submit it to the memes folder in the media section. We'll look through them after some time and see which ones we like best! Happy meme-ing :D