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(Jun 04, 2018)
oh hey, if anyone still gets on this, I am on Tera. Celestial Hills Server, my char is Seralilly
(Jun 04, 2018)
and here I come to make this place somewhat relevant
(Nov 19, 2017)
(Jul 08, 2017)
(Mar 19, 2017)
Wow, it has been forever since I was last here. Good memories!
(Jun 10, 2015)
If anyone wants to chat my new name is Nyrida~ c:
(Jun 10, 2015)
Just a shoutout to all my peeps: hope ya'll are having an amazing time <3 I miss everyone~
(Jun 10, 2015)
(Apr 22, 2015)
(Jan 10, 2015)
(Nov 27, 2014)
hoi hoi everyone long time no hear
(Nov 03, 2014)
i will kin srry idky but this update seems to be taking too long italso mashy im still not 100 yet either lolz
(Oct 27, 2014)
well its been a rather long time since i have been here i hope you guys haveing it good
(Sep 29, 2014)
wow, it has been forever since I last was here. Hiya everyone!
(Sep 07, 2014)
Silver send me a mail whenever u loggin, (Kinanay)
(Sep 06, 2014)
@Silver: Did I break the record for being the slowest leveler to have not even reached 100 yet? >< (I hope I still remember my login info<<)
(Sep 06, 2014)
Well, I survived junior year and now its time for the senior project. If I ever do possess a PC, I'll try to find time to play again.
(Sep 06, 2014)
Hey guys! It's been a long while, but that's because I haven't had access to a PC. I've only been able to use Macbooks.
(Aug 26, 2014)
hello peoplez
(Aug 22, 2014)
just though i would say hi srry i havent been around much been stupidly busy but i will try n log this week no promises thou :-(